VIVA LION and the American Dream: From Rome to Toronto and L.A.

At the beginning of the 19th century many Italians moved to the States looking for a new life, a new opportunity to start again from the bottom.

Well, nowadays this “American dream” is still alive for many artists, and that’s why we would like to tell you the story of Viva Lion!


Viva Lion is a project that has been started by Daniele Cardinale, an Italian musician who decided to leave his country in 2009 to find his own fortune first in Canada, and then in the States.

Already known in the indie local scene, Daniele absorbed the folk influences of these new countries.

After spending a couple of years traveling between Rome, Toronto and Los Angeles he ended up making a Californian tour,  having the chance to perform in many estimated clubs, most of all at the House of Blues in Hollywood.

Right after this experience, Daniele expressed his thoughts through an interviewed to MusicaMente, and explained what’s the difference between playing in Italy and abroad for him:

“In Italia c’è molta buona musica, a volte pecchiamo di provincialismo ma ci sono molte band che suonano regolarmente all’estero. Il paragone andrebbe fatto caso per caso. In generale posso dire che in Nord America ho riscontrato più rispetto e attenzione per la musica e i musicisti”.

*In Italy there’s a lot of good music, sometimes we tend to be too provincial but there are many bands that play regularly abroad. The comparison should be made  case by case. Generally speaking  I can say that in North America I found more respect and attention to music and musicians” 

In 2013 Viva Lion released his fist record The Green Dot EP containing his first single “The Thrill” and the next single “Goodmorning/Goodnight”.

What’s interesting is that there are no drums in his music, but all the percussions you hear are made by hands, feet, or any object he found in the recording studio those days.

In June of this year, Viva Lion released a new single, “Oh, Bummer!“, which is an anticipation of the new album Mi Casa Es Tu Casa, that will be released at the end of this month.

This album will introduce to the public a new member of VIVA LION: Marco Lo Forti, a talented musician. Daniele and Marco don’t like to play alone, and chose to involve some friends in this new production, such as the roman bands Sadside Project,  Joe Victor, who we already talked about, and Gerson D’souza, a Canadian artist with indian origins who collaborated to the lyrics of some of their songs (Off Chest, Legacy costs, Safe night).

Rumors say that this album will be a great mix of modernity and classic folk, gospel and rock, and we can’t wait to listen to it.

Let’s start the countdown!

– Sara Peruzza –


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