Top 8 Italian Indie Albums of 2014

Our Top 8 Italian Indie Albums of 2014

2014 proved to be the year of good Italian rock music. With the return of many great artists and the debut of newer artists, here is Indie Italy’s top albums of 2014. 


8) Ex-Otago – In Capo al Mondo- Ex-otago is one of the pioneers of Italian Indie bands, and one of the first bands I ever wrote about back when I first started Indie Italy.  After a three year hiatus since their last album Mezze Stagioni Ex-Otago is back with a new album, In Capo Al Mondo. What is most unique about this album is that Ex-Otago launched a campaign for ‘In Capo Al Mondo’ on Musicraiser, which reached their funding goal by 131%.

7) Be Forest- Earthbeat- For their new album Earthbeat that recently came out this February, the band added keyboardist Lorenzo Badioli and brought a more mature, cohesive sound to the table. Be Forest describes their new album as an awakening to the sun, almost like the coming springtime. Even comparing the album covers, Earthbeat is composed of warmer, sunnier colors than previous albums.

6) Zen Circus – Canzoni Contro La Natura- We watched them perform at Festival Maggio in France this year.  With the 8th album of the band,  the album is full of content, focused on the reality we live in in a meditative way.

5) Saluti da Saturno – Shalomo Locomotiva- Shaloma Locomotiva.” An experimental 10 track, was worked on in the laboratories of Bolgona by musician Mirco Mariani of Saluti da Saturno. Mariani covers classical Italian songs by Raoul Casadei over guitar reverb, piano crashing tunes and other various experimental sounds in Romagna Mia. A play on past and future Italian sounds crashing together to bring the listener to the present “hallucination” state.

brunori_sas_vol3_high4) Brunori SAS – Vol. 3, Il Cammino di Santiago in Taxi- The guru of Italina Indie is back, more mature and introspective than in his previous albums.  It’s been a great year for the legendary Brunori Sas, and we will continue to follow his successful music career.


3) LinFante- Non mi piace niente- When I first heard and watched the music video for ‘Non Mi Piace Niente’ I was blown away by the music video and excited to listen to the entire album. Fast beat acoustic songs that are sure to get the listener in a relaxed ‘’pomeridiano’. For this reason I give “Non mi piace niente my number 3 album


Levante-Italy2) Levante- Manuale Distruzione- Everyone in Italy loved the hit ‘Alfonso‘ last summer. This year we got to listen to the rest of ‘Manuale distruzione’ a 13 track journey between  classical rock, rock-pop. Claudia Lagona born near Catania in 1987, is a Sicilian singer who started writing her first songs at the age of 11. The best way to describe her is “bella e brava“, she’s very talented and you can’t stop falling in love with her album every single time you listen to it. It reflects her personality and her personal life.



1) Cecco e Cipo – Lo gnomo e lo gnu- When we first talked to Cecco e Cipo in 2012 after there EP release Roba Da Maiali we were very impressed. Performance and recordings created an Italian folk dance off. This year we finally got to hear ‘Lo gnomo e lo gnu’. Along with special quests on the ablum Lodo Guenzi from Lo Stato Sociale, Tommaso Spinelli from L’Orso, Sushi Rain and the groups mothers, sisters and girlfriends we are counting ‘Lo gnomo e lo gnu’ number uno.





Thanks for reading! We look forward to sharing  Italian rock music into 2015 with you all. Buon Anno!

– Joe



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