Top 10 Italian Indie Albums of 2016

L’orso – Un luogo sicuro:

L’orso has brought us this year “Un Luogo Sicuro.” This album is the same really great sound we are used to; however, each album seems to get better, and they seem more comfortable with their style. We love every track so far from L’orso and this album is no different. That is why we choose Un Luogo Sicuro as one of the best albums of 2016.

Cosmo – L’ultima Festa

“L’ultima festa” (“The Last Party”) is actually a party you wish will never end! We saw Cosmo live and he got people to dance on stage with him, so much energy and positivity!

Novamerica – Novamerica novamerica

“Music is The Answer” is one of the hits of this album, and we love it! “Novamerica” was composed with an old upright piano, and re-arranged in studio with great attention to pursue a pop sound that is complete, elegant and ethereal. You can’t miss it!

I Cani – Aurora

Do you remember I Cani and their typical references to Rome, its surroundings and its people? Well, nothing like that in this album! A change that some may like..and some may not! Different, but powerful!

Motta – La Fine dei Vent’Anni

After two albums with the band “copertina promoCriminal Jokers” and various collaborations with other Italian bands (such as Zen Circus and Pan del Diavolo), Francesco Motta debuts on his own. “La Fine dei Vent’Anni” represents a switch in his life and in his musical career as well, the “End of the Twenties” but the beginning of something new.

TheGiornalisti – Completamente Sold Out

Not sure it’s their best album, but with this album the listners of the main Italian radios got to know TheGiornalisti with their  hit “Completamente.”  From an independent band to sold out concerts across Italy.  Good job TheGiornalisti!

Dente – Canzoni per meta

In 2012 we called Dente “The King of Italian Indie,” and now Spotify and the internet is calling him that as well. Canzoni per meta is more than an album by Dente but a journey into Dente’s sixth album release, his career and its growth as a musician.

L’Officina Della Camomilla – Palazzina Liberty

Instrumental album and also a bit different than the other albums on this list. From Milan these guys formed in 2008 and have been working hard producing many great albums. We think “Palazzina Liberty” might be their best work so far.

Cairobi – (Gristly Words, Lupo, Ghost, Saint / All 2016 Singles; )

English songs, but Cairobi’s electro-tropical-folk song is worth bringing up on the 2016. Their international sound comes from its components: five individuals of different nationalities (Mexico, France, Italy and Austria). They now live in between London and Berlin, but last summer they came to Italy to perform at Contronatura Music Festival, an amazing festival held in the Salento.

Selton – Loreto Paradiso att00001-e1458316501442

Songs in at least three different languages, talk about using music to learn a new language (a huge message for Indie Italy).  So excited that Selton has come out with a new album since 2013. Take a listen you will be surprised and will want to dance!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Italian Indie rock albums of 2016. Let’s celebrate the New Year, and the great music that will be coming out in the great country of Italy. Happy New Year!!


Joe & Sara of Team Indie Italy


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