Top 10 Italian Indie Albums of 2015



10) Lucio Corsi – Altadena boy: Following the ‘Italian Dream’ Corsi left his small town of Vetulonia in Tuscona and moved to Milan to pursue his dream of playing his own music professionally. In early 2015 he released his album “Altalena Boy” with it’s self title hit ‘Altalena Boy’ and ‘Godzilla.’ The randomness of ‘Altalena Boy’ perfectly sums up the music of Corsi, who sings songs about Godzilla, aliens arriving, drugs and the legend of Altalena Boy (swing boy) who disappeared after his infamous ride on his swing.

81G2zLukrAL._SL1500_9) Verdena – Endkadenz vol 1 & 2: We can not mention a band so productive: two albums and a series of concerts all around Italy. Verdena are among the historic Italian bands who resisted in the music industry for many many years (they just celebrated their 20th birthday!).

8)  Ministri – Cultura Generale: Not their best album, but for sure this work confirms their style, energetic, rock and alternative!

7) The Leading Guy – Memorandum: We haven’t talked much about this emerging artists, but we are monitoring his next moves from a distance. An interesting pop/folk sound mixed with english lyrics, which conveys an international sound to his music.We are pretty sure we’re going to hear this name again in 2016.

COVER_LORENZO2015CC_mail6) Jovanotti -Lorenzo 2015: A musical legend from Italy who has taken over the world. “Lorenzo 2015” Jovanotti’s latest album followed the release of “Sabato.” The album consists of 30 previously unreleased tracks recorded while working between Milan, Cortona, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. has variable musical styles, darting with the sounds of funk, R & B, Afro-beat, hip-hop, through the synth-pop and rock, eventually coming to the South American rhythms. Ultimately, Jovanotti’s album can clearly be classified as world music, gathering sounds and recordings from nearly all over the globe.

5) Joe Victor – Blue Call Pink Riot: This is their first album. Well, what can we say? Live they’re even better! If you will ever have the chance of seeing them live (and we had) Joe Victor will involve you in crazy dances and they’ll free your mind with their fresh sound.

12187838_950335478358520_5793055803089508610_n4) Elephant Brain –  Elephant Brain:  First formed in Perugia and within a few months, they did not waste anytime in writing, creating and recording their music. Last month, we became blessed over the internet with four powerful tracks to debut their EP, the self-titled “Elephant Brain.”

3)  Blianco – guadare per aria: Guardare per aria, is a work full of collaborations, that compares the sound of the Roman school of songwriting by Niccolò Fabi and Roberto Angelini with the indie style of Turin by Levante and Matteo De Simone. Guardare per aria is an album full of stars, sea and what stays in between; it’s the picaresque tale that we want to listen to before going to bed, an experience of total abandonment.

2) Lorso – Ho Messo la Sveglia per la Rivoluzione:  Their style, their music, their lyrics, everything about L’orso we love. We have been following L’orso from the beginning back in 2011, and with each album they have yet to disappoint. Joined with other Italian artists like Costa and Lo Stato Sociale, this album has a lot to offer to new fans and old.  

883693_918300661540258_6173139573936920633_o1) Levante – Abbi Cura di Te: Levante is a guarantee. “Abbi cura di te” shows her maturity, with more introspective songs. Well, how could it be differently? She also also got her mom to sing with her in this album and her fiancé (Sir Bob Cornelius Refo, of Bloody Betrots) rearranged her song “Lasciami andare” with more electronic sounds. It couldn’t be more personal!


Buon Capodanno! Thank you for being a continued fan of the Indie Italy project!

See you all in 2016!

-Indie Italy Team


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