Our minds are in the right place with Elephant Brain


This week I am happy to bring you, Italy’s newest progressive rock 5 piece group “Elephant Brain“, consisting of Vincenzo Garofalo, Andrea Mancini, Emilio Balducci, Giacomo Ricci, Michael Giovagnoni. Nearly five months ago, when Elephant Brain first formed in Perugia, they did not waste anytime in writing, creating and recording their music. Last month, these five guys from Perugia blessed us over the internet with four powerful tracks to debut their EP, the self-titled “Elephant Brain.”

With Elephant Brain’s power rock sound they bring just as much strength in their message and lyrics. A good example of this comes from their last track Blu. “Una canzone che parla di questo tempo” (A song that talks about this time). The band comments on their Facebook page stating “All to often, there is someone who decides for us, prompting us through the most varied forms of media, how to act, what to listen to… our thoughts are given up in the face of reality and become fake to the only reality we know.” Cleary a message that can be relevant not just to Italy’s media crisis, but also for the entire world.

Each track on “Elephant Brain” is filled with so much heavy power, yet is so clean and smooth, it is promised to not disappoint. A good modern rock album all sung in Italian is exactly what Elephant Brain has brought the internet. All fours tracks were released on their spotify and youtube page for all to enjoy.

– Joe


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