Liberato & The Rebirth Of Napoli

While there are lots of festivals you are trying to get to around Italy this summer, facciamo uno pausa ( let’s take a moment) and take a listen to some new music going on around the southern part of the boot. Liberato is the new Italian artist that is making his way from Napoli.

Liberato is  representing the language, culture and idenity of his southern city of Naples. By using the neopolition dialect in his music he is incorporating a classical style that I remember listening to as a kid, classical Canzone Napoletana, with a modern sound of hip hop. Liberato has been producing music for other artists for awhile and since the release of his own song “Nove Maggio” he has grown a huge internet following in such a short time.

His recent video “Tu T’e Scurdat E Me” was already watched by 65,000 people in only 2 days! In this video you can clearly notice and take in the coastal views of the city along with an interesting story of romance, friendship and basically being a young adult in Italy. In Liberato’s other video, Nove Maggio, there is also a great display of the the Napeotelian scenery.

Both tracks by Liberato have nice sounds that represent the similar style of the American musical group “The Chainsmokers” with more hip hop involved. Musically the sound of Liberato is a little pop/trance, but everything about Liberato is independent and made by him.

It’s said that Liberato is leading a rebirth of Naples. A rebirth of art, music and a deep appreciation of this beautiful city. It’ll be exciting to see what will come next with Liberato and possibly see a whole album! Overall, I think it’s great to listen to Italian music sung in dialect and also see it develop a following internationally.




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