Indie Italy’s top albums of 2017

2017 might have been another bad year of politics here in the states and in Italy, but as far as music in 2017 we had a great year. We got to see many new artists come out and in this article I’d like to share with you all some of my favorite albums of the year. What I love a lot about the Italian Indie music scene (besides that I feel close to Italian culture and love the language) is that this genre of music is not afraid to take chances, mix sounds together and create music that sounds different to the rest of the world. These groups below are really great at mixing instruments and sounds and they do a really great job at doing it.

Before I give you my list of top albums for 2017 I’d like to share something I’ve been working on. Besides this project here I have also worked on a guided meditation in Italian. I am really excited to share meditation and my experience with it to people out in Italy. I truly believe that praticies of yoga and meditation have a power to change our world globally. If you are interested in this guided meditation you are welcome to check it out here.

Torno Domani EP – Priestess

I have been really into the singles of Priestess songs that were released this year.  A lot of us were introduced to Priestess earlier this year and Alessandra Prete the voice behind Priestess brings a lot of power behind her voice. Priestess mixes a lot of other genres of music from jazz, rock and big blues into their songs, and I’m happy to share and put Torno Domani on my 2017 list.

L’amore e la violenza – Baustelle

Baustelle formed back in 1994 and they are still rocking harder than ever especially with their newest album L’amore e la violenza.  The album as a whole is a nice piece of art.

Each track has quite different tempos and sounds, some songs like “Betty’ are slow while others like ‘Amanda Lear’ are faster and have a more upbeat and electric tune to it.

I love hearing from you all and when asked online L’amore e la Violenza was the pick. Thank you to Massimo Maggiore on twitter for suggesting to me this great track to share for best albums of 2017.

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica – Terra 

Seven years ago we heard ‘Cara catastrophe’ and today their video has been viewed online close to 3 million times. This year ‘Terra’ was released and it is a brilliant experimental mix that draws from sounds of distant cultures from all over the world. You will just have to give it a listen and hear for yourself and you will quickly see why it was picked to be one of my top albums for 2017.

Brunori Sas – A Casa tutto bene 

Everything this man puts out is golden including his new album ‘A case tutto bene’ that received gold from (FIMI) Federation of Italian Music Industry. Released earlier this year A case Tutto bene’ takes old sounds and mixes them with synthesizers and traditional styles and sounds and rhymes of  Calabria. Two close but very different worlds of the modern sounds and the traditional Rrunori Sas has always done a great job at brining the two together.

Fast Animals Slow Kids

It’s hard to choose the top list of albums and this year is no different. Fast Animals And Slow Kids is on my list because this group is special to me when I first began the project Indie Italy. This album is strong just like ever single album this group has put out. They have toured in festivals around Italy countless times and this is why we all want to see and to hear this great group FASK with their new album.


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