Indie Italy’s Top 3 Summer 2017

Summer is still here no matter what anyone says, but lets not wait around any longer to get into our summer music update in Italy. Before I give you our list of what we think is the best summer music going on, I’d like to add that agosto, August, is a very special month, besides it being my birth month, yes!!  The popular yearly holiday in Italy ‘ferraagosto’ begins and it is traditional in Italy to relax.  So, you can spark your joint and listen to your favorite albums of that year.

 1) PRIESTESS – “Amica pusher” Alessandra Prete is the voice of Priestess, Italy’s female rap artist, the first artist I’d like to pick on this summer 2017 list. Priestess has the voice, the looks and the talent that can be seen and heard on tracks from earlier this year like ‘Maria Antonietta’ a dark lyrical track about the obsession of Maria Antonietta. The chorus has been consuming my thoughts with their catchy tune. “Ho perso la testa per te Maria Antonietta”

I’m crazy for you Maria Antonietta, or Torno Domani, and the latest song and video “Amica Pusher. I really suggest taking the time to watch all the well done videos of Priestess on her Youtube page. Watch as well as listen to the awesome tracks sang by Alessandra herself. Calcutta Mainstream+ My second pick of the great summer 2017 list is Calcutta ‘Mainstream+. I enjoyed listening to Edoardo D’Erme, Italian songwriter for Calcutta, born in Latina, Italy (between the two great cities of Roma and Naples). What is really nice about Mainstream+ is that it is actually a republished album in the form of a box containing three discs: the cd with the songs of the deluxe version in addition to live recorded tracks from a popular show in Roma late 2016. All tracks can be found digitally and also on Spotify. Calcutta is signed to label Bomba Dischi in collaboration with con Pot Pot Records.


Pop X is a group also on Bomba Disci recorders experimental group . Pop X released on band camp last May ‘CARAOCHEI’ it is an interesting sound and took me awhile to get used to. I really didn’t know what you think at first listen, however the group Pop X really began to grow on me. It is a very different story if you got to see the group perform live this year on Mi Ami tour. Post your photos and tag Indie Italy if you were in witness to the magic of Pop X at Mi Ami this year. If you were notion worries, they published on Youtube their documentary of their show.


What is your favorite Italian album of this summer/year? Please share this post, your thoughts and please Tag @IndieItaly on your FB & Instagram.



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