Home Festival & the European Dream

What an amazing weekend!

As you probably know we spent last weekend at Home Festival, in Treviso, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this experience.

Over 80,000 people attended the 6th edition of this festival; that’s really growing in the right direction, the direction of the big european festivals. HomeFestival_9

The goal of its founder, Amedeo Lombardi, is becoming true little by little, as confirmed by Elroy Thümmler, promoter for Sziget Festival, Primavera Sound, Balaton Sound, Exit and Loolapalooza: “I’m really impressed and surprised by Home Festival […]it takes time but after six years it’s really surprising”.

Modena City Ramblers, among the cast of the festival, stated that “this is the only festival in Italy that gets close to the european ones, without downplaying other Italian festivals, but here there’s a lot more”

What makes it different from other Italian festivals is the concept of “festival diffuso”: not just one stage, one genre, but different kinds of music, art and experiences. Let’s see these three points into deep.

11907178_912725178820059_4382421823677075967_oMUSIC: if you’ve followed us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should have seen our posts about Dente, Lo Stato Sociale, Jack Savoretti and Joe Victor. These were only a bunch of the artists playing at Home Festival, with over 200 concerts. From the Italian Indie scene to the evergreen Subsonica and Negrita, from the international sound of Interpol and FFS to the powerfull live by Paul Kalkbrenner.

ART: Street artists, writers, and a corner dedicated to literary and cultural activities called “the house of arts”, created in collaboration with Treviso Comic Book Festival.


EXPERIENCES: Home Festival hosted the Holi Festival of Colours, the MoohuRun, different dance areas and other sport activities. Obviously many food stands and a little market couldn’t be missed!




Although a lot have already been accomplished, a lot has to be done with the local community. Treviso is a good location, within 30 minutes by train from Venice and with two airports in the area, with many attractions for tourists and festival’s guests. But until 6 years ago, Treviso didn’t know the idea of “musical tourism” and it’s still not used to it. People’s mentality must change, authorities and governance must understand the possibilities that this event can give to the city and help it growing, creating all services for people coming from all over Italy and abroad to Treviso. “I know we’re annoying”, stated Amedeo Lombardi, “but we are good people, we just love rock n roll”.


Personally, I’ve been abroad to different music festival, and I think that Home Festival is on the right path to its European Dream. I wish my neighbors could understand!

Hold on Homies!


– Sara Peruzza –


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