Get Some MENTHA scent with Sara Loreni

Today we’d like to introduce you Sara Loreni and her album MENTHA, which could be a nice gift to place under your christmas tree.

Sara has been producing her own music for seveSara Loreniral years, but she got to present herself to the mass media audience through the auditions for X-Factor, the Italian version of the popular talent show for new voices. She was selected among a long list of participants, and then later decided to quit the show. Many people thought it was a marketing strategy, but Sara states that she just didn’t feel it was the direction she wanted to go with her music. She preferred to keep it simple, to follow the path she had built in all the past years, and not be caught by the TV show’s format. This just says a lot about Sara’s personality!

That said, her new album MENTHA (mint) is the result of many years of work. After her first EP (2012), presented during her concerts in London and throughout Italy, Sara was ready for a full album. Freshness promised in this title is well reached listening to ten precious tracks. Beyond the role of Sara as “vocal performer,” the sound is characterized also from songs where her voice stands out against an iridescent fabric of synthesizers, samples and traditional instruments.

Her new tour started in October, along with Martino Cuman (bass, synth) and Francesco Sgobani (hybrid drum), and it will last until the end of February. On Facebook you can follow her journey all around Italy, watch her videos and discover news regarding her performances.

Keep in mind this name, ’cause Sara Loreni in ready to take off!


– Sara Peruzza –


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