Faccio una pausa con Bonetti on Piazza Carlina

Piazza’s (generally translated to a square) in Italy can have a personal and lasting connection on people. There is a real special experience for anyone who has visited, or live in Italy to be in an Italian Piazza. Seeing that energy of people who are all around, in a major Italian city like Rome, you experience a melting pot of different cultures blend together. During my studies in Perugia overlooking Piazza IV November, I witnessed hundreds of people out all day and night long, during the 2 week Umbria Jazz festival. Piazzas are also great parks to take your “pause” or break from your work, and perhaps sit down with your drink, people watch or read.

Bonetti is Italy’s newest musical indie pop star; and along with Costello Record’s released the newest single called ‘Piazza Carlina.’ It is inspired by Torin’s own Piazza Carlina also known as Piazza Carlo Emanuele II. This piazza is very significant to Bonetti. Bonetti who works at a shop near by, likes to spend his breaks siting on a bench and thinking. Bonetti describes those moments at Piazzas when we take breaks maybe with a beer or maybe just a walk for no apparent purpose. These special moments can often led to positive experiences and the good we can draw from these moments. 12063764_779363982210431_2447504596999707891_n

Bonetti will soon release his first album for Costello’s Records. Please listen to his first single Piazza Carlina on Costello Records youtube page. Also check out more information on Bonetti on his Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


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