Being ‘Adolescent’ – Interview with Italian Indie Band L’orso

This week our new team member and communications director for Indie Italy, Sara Peruzza got into contact with Italian Indie pop group L’orso. The Milano indie group talked about their influences as a band, what international music has inspired them, working on a small label and also how the internet helped them as a band in Italy marketing their music and gain more followers.



Here is the interview in the translated english version.


Indie Italy: Let’s start with a question that many people probably ask you all the time, which is a must: why did you chose the name L’orso? (The bear, Ed)

L’orso: We liked the idea of a singular name (with a definite article) to describe a project made by many people. Like as inside L’orso all the proper specificities would be cancelled in favor of a higher goal. We are a team, we are friends; L’orso is our expression.

Indie Italy: One of your Ep’s is named L’adolescente (the adolescent, Ed.), memorable days for all of us. Which bands did you listen to in your adolescence, and which of them have inspired you the most?

L’orso: Our very first adolescence have been influenced primarily from the fact of being part of the MTV generation, very pop,  and showing revolutionary programs, especially at late night, like Brand New by Coppola, SuperRock, Mtv Yo Raps!. Our parents’s records taught us about the classic rock, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie. Then everybody formed according to its own tendency, like Mattia with rap and Tommaso with blues.

It’s impossible to find our real inspirations in that mass of listenings, but for sure all that has influenced us.

Indie Italy: Your label is the Garrincha Dischi, which produces other independent artists; which kind of relationship do you have with them? Affinity, respect, or is competition stronger? Who are you on the same wavelength with?

L’orso: Like in all families, there are people (and artists) you have more affinity with, and other with who you don’t have nothing to share, a part from the same musical environment. Our esteem, enclosed in a featuring in our debut album, for the Magellano, healthy carriers of pop-rap in Italian, very fresh and dancy. There is also a great admiration and respect for the ManzOni and Brace.

As human relationships, on the other hand, we only met during our label’s festivals – ‘cause of the different areas of origin) on tour in various cities, and there too our esteem bounce on the human syntony. So, at the events you find us talking in a verbose way with Brace and Magellano.

Indie Italy: Generally speaking, a part from the Garrincha Dischi, are there other Italian or International artists who you love to listen to?

L’orso: In Italy, almost unanimously,  we root for the Perturbazione. We really enjoyed the debut of I Cani, most of all for the linguistic ability of bringing into focus a generation. There is a lot of good work in the writing of Italian rappers Mecna and Ghemon, true contemporary singer-songwriters.

Talking about foreign countries, like for everything, it changes according to the periods. If you ask us what we have on our iPods now, Gaia listens to Feist ,and Tommaso to Daniel Johnston, while Mattia chooses Nicolas Jaar and the Shout Out Louds. Let’s say that for L’orso the listening of twee-pop from northern Europe has been important, from Belle And Sebastian to the Acid House Kings.

This kind of bitter-sweet pop, with carefree melodies and intimate lyrics.

L’orso acoustic performance of ‘I nostril decenni’ (Our decades)

Indie Italy: Before getting to your album L’orso, you released three free download Eps, what is your reason for making this free?

L’orso: We wanted our music to be available for all those who wanted to know us. It didn’t seem honest for us to put a cost on our first productions, before that we needed to let the people know our project and create a relationship with this potential public. Even the album first came out at 1€, to make it available for the most of people.  For every Ep, however, we produced some effective copies for the support lovers and our supporters. This has allowed us to go on with a coherent project , being oriented to create a real relationship with our followers and who invested money on us. Because for us the sales earnings are our public’s investments. A way to give us the opportunity to continue to make music for them.

Indie Italy: Internet can be both a blessing and a curse for emerging artists, how was your experience?

L’orso: Amazing. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this medium. We’ve always been careful with its use (also because we graduated primarily on that), and with the opportunity of bringing our own music from the big city to small villages. Moreover, it builds a greater and immediate connection. Our followers show us their warmth every day, an infinite affection that is the ideal push to go do better. For small projects, like ours, internet is fundamental. It’s the survival.

Indie Italy: This year you published your first full album, L’orso. Would you consider it more as a finishing line or a launching pad?

L’orso:  None of them. It’s a stage of a very long path. We are not a short-term thinking band, we already have ideas for our future moves next year, we are really focused. We are on a line that continues its path and sometimes we stop to leave a milestone to mark the stages of our journey. There is no arrival in music, we believe in a continuous flow of experiences. And there is no launching pad because there’s nothing to jump over, we go step by step, with our feet on the ground, without shortcuts. With our head held high.

Here is the original version of the interview in Italian-  L’orso Italian Interview

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