About Indie Italy

This is not about Italian music.  It’s about music that happens to be in Italian.

Indie Italy is a project that founder Joe Vinciguerra has been working on since 2011. When people think of Italian music the first thing they may think of is opera – or perhaps the music that their parents or grandparents would listen to – but Italy has a growing Indie music scene with some awesome bands showcasing amazing talent. When I first started stumbling upon these bands I knew I had to spread the word across the ocean and let people know. Shortly after, I created Indie Italy to focus on the Independent Italian music scene throughout Italy and Europe; one place to follow the latest artists, music videos and albums.


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  1. Hey- I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. My wife and I will soon be in Rome working at the U.S. Embassy. I was trying to research cool Italian music as a present for her and it was proving very difficult, including the hapless “assistance” of various Italian and other-European friends (Laura Pausini?). I stumbled on your previous site somehow and found exactly what I was looking for–I Cani, Dente, Il Triangolo, Cecco e Cipo, L’urso so far with so much more to explore. Excellent work, great site(s). Keep it up. And thanks!


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